Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Popeye the sailor man

This is a repost from my Xanga blog....A fren of mine reminded me of this
and now it is here...
this is Popeye the Salior man...he isnt pretty but is lovable isnt polished but everything that is funny and worth enjoying....

I was feeling bored and hitting flies when I came across this old comic book I had ...Popeye the salior man...
I always wanted to be strong as him trashing all the bullies in school....:laughing:
anyways...this is food for isnt on looks always but on character that u cut the niche...


penny rae said...

So that's what you look like hehe. You have a very interesting blog here so if you noticed I put you on my fav's list so others can see too. Thanks for visiting my blog too. It's only a few days old.

Fursat said...

hmm so u wanna be strong like him...i never hear about him :(

why feeling bored?

take care

God bless u !

silverine said...

He was the original "green' man! And boy did he popularise spinach! Cute tribute this :)

Princess of Mirkwood said...

Never was much of a fan of Popeye. Especially because of the spinach.

jasolus said...

earlier i too liked popeye .But i dont like him much now.......coz another cartoon character likes that popeye.hee hee.
wanna know him ,he is none other than Tom (and jerry).

crossblade said...

hola ajay,
I love tom too
check my xanga
last month i posted something cool on Tom
see you for prayer tomm evening at 6 at church

Helder Sequeira Costa said...

That's very good!! I love was my hero when i was young.... Tanks to remind me this sentiment..he was hyding in my mine.. I love your blog..i am going to refer this blog to all my friends...can you do the same!?? thanks again..

ben said...

Is this pic royalty free?

Looks good