Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grandma's note....

This is what my grandma wrote to me for my 23rd bday; I just want to post this again ! 

My dear Renji mon,
Wish you a very very happy and blessed birthday.May our Lord shower all His abundant blessings upon you,throughout this year and the years to come.Keep your eyes on the Lord. He never takes His eyes off you.When we keep our eyes on Christ, obstacles become opportunities.To know ,to love and to live for God is the desire of a renewed sanctified soul.Pray well. He stands best who kneels most.Prayer is a child's helpless cry to the father's attentive ear. All who are born of God should develop a likeness to their father. Live like a flower by spreading fragrance.
May our loving and living Lord bless you physically & spiritually. Praying for you fervently.
Yours affectionately,

she is in ICU now and going thru a difficult time.. do remember her in prayers.

--- Update

She just passed away .....