Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lean patch!!!!!!!!

It's been like almost a month since I posted on blogger...It sounds strange that it would take so long to post a blog..give that, I have access to da net 24/7 at home and college..but this is something a hectic semester can do to anyone...I've just started and its like the last 7 months of my masters education...I dont know if I'll ever go to college again after this...but I'm enjoy and loathe every single moment of it...
The past couple of weeks taught me, that life is never a bed of roses...It's a mixture an aviyal( mallus would know wht this is..a typical south indian dish with practically any combination of vegetables)..the edge lies always in how you take you look at it....and how you react to it...
I found this wonderful verse some days back

Proverbs 15:13--- A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken.

How true is it..I just praise God!! I just cant stop doing it..In spite of all my troubles and the hard work I'm forced to put in college..I know I'm preveleged than a whole lot of people..the good Lord has blessed I type this on to my PC my eyes are getting wet..I know, Lord you are touching me!!!
so my dear blogger buddies, I just cant wait to read all ur blogs and comments....I just hope my blog goes back to the good old times...
love you all