Sunday, December 11, 2005

Boyish again!!!!!!!!

I really don't know wht happened to me today at church. I was sitting there as usual and listening to the Pastor preach on repentance and the wages of sin and it was fine, my mind was just wandering though and I was just there physically present - mentally absent (well not recommended at church though..).. my parents and sister sitting near me.I looked out of the huge wodden windows and saw it was raining and it was beautiful.The pastor finished the message and was praying so I bowed down in the pew. Suddenly it struck me.... DO I GET TO BE A BOY NOW?? NOOOO....

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gone are the days when I was soo carefree, nothing to worry about, when my grades and books were my mummys problem and not my own...I had an idea..I took my denim jacket and slowly, without anybody noiticing slipped out of church.....I really mean slid..much like in the good ol' days....

I knew I couldnt take the car cause my Dad had the keys and we come to church in toghther as a family in one car...and I dont know why but I dint notice the rain drizzling...well I enjoyed was like I was 13 all over again....I just walked the roads of the my lovely city..I started appreciating the lovely buildings and the trees again...I walked like 2 kms to a "tattu kada" (any mallus around will understand) its like a hawker shop...I sat down..well then, my Mom doesnt like me eating from hawkers..
but well I was 13 again..werent I??? so I had my fill of Dosas and vadas.

and again walked in the rain to my home...all the time I had my cellphone off..(boyish and shewd!!) safe in my jacket, it made my day..rediscovering the boyishness in me...I wish I was a boy(the real Tom Sawyer stuff) again!!!!