Saturday, July 30, 2005

July 2005 is gone...never to come back again..

Another month is fading away ,just a day more and it will be gone.Never to return again July 2005 will never come back to any of our lives,unless any of us acquires a time machine, well let's not rely on H G Wells such a thing does not exist, so the moments of glory,of joy,of love,of hate,of horror,of laziness,of mindless ennui, nothing will ever come back again.

I was thinking of the things I did last month,the good,bad and ugly ones,the time I used fruitfully and those which I just whiled away.It isnt a pleasant

July was not great to the world as a whole; 2 major Bomb blasts,real heavymonsoons in the Indian peninsula and more which mustve missed my eyes.

I just wanted to paint of picture of wht july was to me,for my countrymen and for the millions of fellow human beings world wide.Please dont take me for a sick negative moron.There were good things too which happened.but for now let's think on the what should be done to make this world a better place.I may put a few little good things which influenced me a lot in between.May God touch ur hearts as u go thru these posts.I know it takes a lot of patience to read such a long please bear with me

July 3: Live 8: End Africa's Misery; G-8 Urged - Leaders of the world's richest nations have been warned that if they do not reach an agreement on "decisive'' steps to fight poverty in Africa at their summit in Scotland next week they would be guilty of "betraying'' the people of Africa.
July 5: Nasa probe smashes into comet!!! this may help us know the orgins of the solar system
July 6:Terrorists attack Ayodhya- thank God it dint result in rioting
July 7 & 17 ||| Babbar Khalsa network unearthed - this may bring about new suspisions among India and Pakisthan; Praise God it was unearthed before much damage was done..
          London 2012
July 8:Terror attacks London
July 14:128 Killed in Pakisthan train mishap
July 16:9 Militants Killed - 9 Militants were killed while trying to infiltrate to Indian territory from Pakisthan in a 100 hr battle
July 17:India is not for sale - Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
July 20:Hurriath and pandits hold talks after 16 years - this is a huge step towards normalising the realions between Indian muslims and hindus in Indian Kashmir.
July 22: Panic in London
July 23: Innocent Brazilian man ; mistaken to be a suicide bomber shot dead in London
July 24: Blasts in Egypt kills 88
July 25: Security forces kill three children in Kashmir by mistake
July 26: Rioting in Gurgeon,India
July 27: 7 Killed in landslides in Munnar ,Kerala (my state)
July 28: Bombay High oil platform on fire 44 killed
            Heavy Rain in Mumbai 100 dead - death toll still on the increase || over hundred villages marooned
July 29: IRA ends thirty years of armed struggle
July 30: Gen:Musharraf and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to meet in Washington  - this may be another step towards peace..
Here are reports of militant infiltrations and attacks in India just this month..there are 9 in 30 days ...that gives once every 3 days,this must mean that India is the worst affected country because of terrorism
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Pray for my country,pray that the extremists are not allowed to ingnite communal violence and hatred and destroy peace here. Most of these maybe important only from an India's point of view but they represent the suffering and the mindlessness of humanity as a whole..
Let's pray that the Lord will change the minds of our leaders and those with exteremist convictions and protect our lands and our lives.The word of God says 'knock and it shall open' let us knock ; as the SCC song goes Let us pray (2) every hour and every day..

I've got an exam on Monday,Maketing Management shud get back to my books,God bless you all, thanx for the patient reading

Friday, July 29, 2005

God is gracious!!!!

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God's grace was all over me today.....
the subject was Finace Management and with my background of engineering it was really tough for me,I reached the exam hall on time and started my paper,I saw and there was this case study for which we had to do some calculations to get the result.I had my scientific calculator in my satchel but that was outside the exam hall, I looked around and the people around me had calculators.I thought it would be fine and I would just borrow it from someone.After a while I heard the examiner speaking harsly to a guy who wanted the borrow a calculater and he was like scolding him and not allowing him.I knew I was done for....I wouldnt be able to do it I thought...I decided to take the risk, belive in His grace and I started praying..Lord,I'm going to ask the invigilator permission to get the calculator from the outside...I finished praying and when he came near stood up and asked him with little apprehension in my heart..'Sir, my calculator is outside by the door,can I get it please' to my amazement he was not the rude harsh man I heard before ...he was changed ...he allowed me with a the lions closing theirs jaws before the angel of the Lord in Daniel he dint even open his mouth but was really pleasant ...and after that he allowed the other guy to borrow also...It must be against the univ rules to send someone outside during an exam or allow communication among eachother..but Thank God ...He allowed me and by His grace I belive I did well in the test...Thankyou JESUS...YOU are my my uncertainties , weaknesses ,apprehensions and fears you are with me Lord .I just want to tell you all this:
'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will carry you through'Proverbs
I've got my next test on monday...pray for me...Its Marketing Management..that book I started reading just covers one 5 to go..pray for our youth service on Sunday..hope he touches someone thru us...we are leading this time(its like the whole group is divided into 4 groups which gets shuffled every year..and each week one of the group leads) its been sometime since we were serious of the worship service...please pray that we are able to give our all to the Lord..

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Boban and Molly....

Thank's exam went fine....

and for all you malus out there here is the link to the most famous malayalam comics

Boban and Molly

it the life at a rustic malayalee village from the point of view of a young brother and sister twin now all of ya have fun..

came across this pic from my MBA class...

People from my MBA class Prasanth,Shabana Divya,and me anuj too seen
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All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

August 6th is Hiroshima day...please do click on the link given on the right panel
and send a peace message to Japan..God bless ya

Monday, July 25, 2005

Psalm 127:1&2

The house..
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Verse of the Day:
Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
Psalm 127:1

This is an interesting article I read today on rediff
The truth about sex!!
It talks about the writer's apprehensions about her daughter's life...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Friends again!!

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It's been a love-hate relationship all the way...
ignoring the Americans during the Cold war...then the American's pampering of Pakistan..ah now it seems both the countries have had enough....
but there are things we should keep in mind...

1.Pakisthan, even though being ruled by an illegitimate govt(military dictatorship cant be legitimate or democratic) is being given most favoured nation status as a non-NATO ally which brings it in par with Israel which is disturbing...given the fact that they have been supporting terrorists who infiltrate into the Indian side of Kashmir.
2.The US keeps arming Pakisthan with sophiticated weapons systems and platforms including the F-16 and PC-3 Orion aircrafts...
3.And they(INDIA and USA) have decided to work together in multi-national peace keeping missions but it's not given clearly under the United nations..this should make compications for Mr.Singh once he is back in India because most Indians including yours truely sees the UN as the legitimate peace keeping authority.
There are brighter things too.... the good news is that the US has lifted sanctions against us imposed on the wake of the Pokran Nuclear tests..which could be benificial for the civilian use of Nuclear energy in India.Above all the US administration is a 'God fearing'one.(please dont take me for a zionist..I may have somethings in common with them but..)
Hope this turns out to be benificial for both the countries....
I got this online while American citizen's views of wht is going on between India and the US...
Admiral Quixote
I guess he is thinking the same way as I do for the most part..

and now to some movies and history...this is the poster of the movie that isnt released yet "Mangal Pandey" It is about India's first war of Independence (also know as Sepoy mutiny to the British)...

Mangal Pandey
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so that is it too long...should be getting back to my books
got to read a lot for exams..pray for me please...and hey one more thing
I am not a Pakisthan hater....I love the people of Pakisthan infact I believe that being an Indian makes all Pakisthani's my brothers...
God bless them
God bless us and the Americans too...

ah...and here are the results for a quiz a took on the net
do you think I am like

Caring soul
Your soul is caring.
Other people are your concern, even if you
don't know them. If you see a person trip you
worry is he is okay. You put your loved ones
first and you're very mature. When someones
sick you're nurturing and always try to help
family and friends when failure strikes them.
You can be called the motherly one, if you are
in a group of people, which doesn't have to be
bad. Love is something that's already in you
and you have a lot to give whether you believe
it or not. Your friends probably love you very
much and come to when they need help since
you're reliable. People can feel secure with
you and generally like you.

How is your soul?(pics)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Popeye the sailor man

This is a repost from my Xanga blog....A fren of mine reminded me of this
and now it is here...
this is Popeye the Salior man...he isnt pretty but is lovable isnt polished but everything that is funny and worth enjoying....

I was feeling bored and hitting flies when I came across this old comic book I had ...Popeye the salior man...
I always wanted to be strong as him trashing all the bullies in school....:laughing:
anyways...this is food for isnt on looks always but on character that u cut the niche...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

to hell with terrorism

I love my country.......
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I deeply condemn the July 7 terrorist attacks in London and the failed fidayeen operation in Ayodhya on July 5.My heart goes with the grieving familes of terror victims in India and in Britain.Terrorism is a global menace which should be defeated by the civilised world.It does not gain authenticity even if a country promotes it.As men, we should have the willingness to accept the fact that anyone who spreads terror is a terrorist threat be it a Christian,Muslim,Hindu,Jew or Sikh inspite of our religious affiliations and beliefs.

Terrorism is weapon of the weak.It should be treated an abomination and not be glorified.

This is an article written by Mr.KPS Gill a retired Indian Police Service officer,
this is a must read of anyone who is interested in Administration and Governance.
The article gives many reasons for the people,the administration and the media in London to be proud of and many for those in India to check themselves and learn from their mistakes.
A study in Contrast- KPS Gill

I salute the Indian para militaray forces who foiled the attack on Ayodhya a disputed site(between Indian Muslims and Hindus) that is held by the govt of India.
May the Lord, give them more strength to defeat the forces trying to break the peace in my country.

Jai Hind

Friday, July 08, 2005

Master's in Being an

By God's grace I had cleared the test for Income tax and Excise officer last month
and tomm I have a computer test for that..I pray that if its His will that I may get it...keep me in ur prayers
and hey this is wht my friends send me....
clearing the one who sent isnt doin
he's kinda angry with his team leader at work who's an MBA
it is funny though
thought I'd share it
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the test was fine by Gods grace..thank you Lord

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Psalm 92:12

Cedar of Lebenon
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I guess this Psalm is teaching me a lot...Look at how much the Lord will reward you for your claim the blessing we should be righteous,look at the tree in the picture..see how lush it is...look at the tree trunk and look how beautiful it looks...the Lord promises a lot for our righeousness

Another verse that worked wonders in me when I was in undergraduate class was

Psalm 37:4

Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

All these verses speaks of the importance of fullfilling our duty if God were to bless us yes,God does not need our help to bless us..but to demand a blessing from HIM we need to be righteous....

I wanted to put a photo of the Palm tree too..but there are about 800 species of the the palm tree..but one thing is certain most of these are single trunk trees which grow to be really tall...the coconut tree common in my state is an example and the palm tree in the middle east too are tall and stout...there are a lot of info about the palm tree in these sites

The Palm Tree
The Palm Tree
The Palm Tree

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Right Stuff

The Shuttle
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NASA Space Shuttles have always been a matter of intrigue and imagnination...even after the the tragic end of Columbia....
I read an article a few days back on the software that takes the incredible machine to orbit and the lives of the men and women who sounds a lot different from the Hip happening software coders!!!no offence meant here...
the article says that almost all coding groups expect Lockheed martin's shuttle software group.....make a lot of errors which are found after delivering the s/w product...
and the reliability of Lockheed's software as 99.9%...
the article makes interesting reading if u r in the industry or an aspirant or someone who wants to

read the article here....
they write the right stuff

Thinking of the God who gave man the intellect to attain such capabilities
left me in awe of the fullness of God's wisdom and glory