Tuesday, November 08, 2011


The all drenching monsoon rain is a refreshing spectacle, especially for those who spend their day talking numbers within the high walls of the concrete jungle. The unexpectedness of the first rains brings out the joyfulness of nature, enriching all that lives with the drizzle, however mighty or not so. Yesterday’s incessant rain in the evening (in Trivandrum), brought out the tangential realities of life.

The farmer who considers the rain his lifeline, the slum dweller who views rain with a tint of doubt, as to the comfort of his shanty home, the school boy who wants to wet his shoes and splash the puddle, the corporate executive who looks at the beauty of the rain from his high rise office suite, the homeless man on the street who searches for a cosy shelter, the traffic police man who dusts his old Police issue raincoat, the auto rickshaw driver who cautiously threads to city roads and the weather man who predicts with uncertain certainty the extend of the rain.

One common fact, very different realities, but life goes on..