Saturday, July 30, 2005

July 2005 is gone...never to come back again..

Another month is fading away ,just a day more and it will be gone.Never to return again July 2005 will never come back to any of our lives,unless any of us acquires a time machine, well let's not rely on H G Wells such a thing does not exist, so the moments of glory,of joy,of love,of hate,of horror,of laziness,of mindless ennui, nothing will ever come back again.

I was thinking of the things I did last month,the good,bad and ugly ones,the time I used fruitfully and those which I just whiled away.It isnt a pleasant

July was not great to the world as a whole; 2 major Bomb blasts,real heavymonsoons in the Indian peninsula and more which mustve missed my eyes.

I just wanted to paint of picture of wht july was to me,for my countrymen and for the millions of fellow human beings world wide.Please dont take me for a sick negative moron.There were good things too which happened.but for now let's think on the what should be done to make this world a better place.I may put a few little good things which influenced me a lot in between.May God touch ur hearts as u go thru these posts.I know it takes a lot of patience to read such a long please bear with me

July 3: Live 8: End Africa's Misery; G-8 Urged - Leaders of the world's richest nations have been warned that if they do not reach an agreement on "decisive'' steps to fight poverty in Africa at their summit in Scotland next week they would be guilty of "betraying'' the people of Africa.
July 5: Nasa probe smashes into comet!!! this may help us know the orgins of the solar system
July 6:Terrorists attack Ayodhya- thank God it dint result in rioting
July 7 & 17 ||| Babbar Khalsa network unearthed - this may bring about new suspisions among India and Pakisthan; Praise God it was unearthed before much damage was done..
          London 2012
July 8:Terror attacks London
July 14:128 Killed in Pakisthan train mishap
July 16:9 Militants Killed - 9 Militants were killed while trying to infiltrate to Indian territory from Pakisthan in a 100 hr battle
July 17:India is not for sale - Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
July 20:Hurriath and pandits hold talks after 16 years - this is a huge step towards normalising the realions between Indian muslims and hindus in Indian Kashmir.
July 22: Panic in London
July 23: Innocent Brazilian man ; mistaken to be a suicide bomber shot dead in London
July 24: Blasts in Egypt kills 88
July 25: Security forces kill three children in Kashmir by mistake
July 26: Rioting in Gurgeon,India
July 27: 7 Killed in landslides in Munnar ,Kerala (my state)
July 28: Bombay High oil platform on fire 44 killed
            Heavy Rain in Mumbai 100 dead - death toll still on the increase || over hundred villages marooned
July 29: IRA ends thirty years of armed struggle
July 30: Gen:Musharraf and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to meet in Washington  - this may be another step towards peace..
Here are reports of militant infiltrations and attacks in India just this month..there are 9 in 30 days ...that gives once every 3 days,this must mean that India is the worst affected country because of terrorism
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Pray for my country,pray that the extremists are not allowed to ingnite communal violence and hatred and destroy peace here. Most of these maybe important only from an India's point of view but they represent the suffering and the mindlessness of humanity as a whole..
Let's pray that the Lord will change the minds of our leaders and those with exteremist convictions and protect our lands and our lives.The word of God says 'knock and it shall open' let us knock ; as the SCC song goes Let us pray (2) every hour and every day..

I've got an exam on Monday,Maketing Management shud get back to my books,God bless you all, thanx for the patient reading


Anonymous said...

Thats a lot... although H G Wells is an amazing author, I wouldnt wish a time machine on my worst enemy. Time has past for a reason. Here comes August... and school :(

eucharisto said...

Sometimes it almost scares me how easily a week or a month or a year passes by. Time is so short, it makes me want to get up and do something meaningful with the time I have.

silverine said...

Hey this is a real good post. July 2005 will never come back, so let us live Aug 2005 well.

Caitlin said...

just letting you know i stopped by. I'm glad to have July in the past, *raises glass to August*

>|' ; '| said...

we dont know whether a time machine can be u cant conclusively say that july 2k5 will never come back.if it does, i wud give it a try to use my prescience and avert these tragedies.the world seems to be in misery...

Princess of Mirkwood said...

The passing of a month makes me think of what did I do for the Lord this month and how many opportunities did I miss. And to think about these things, what can I do in the next month to change it. Thanks for the post!

Damian said...

Thomas my friend, i do hope that you are not thinking too much on world matters - its depressing isn't it. Since of lately i have been reading more of the Bible and the newspapers, it states in the Bible clearly in Mark 13 and in Revelation that near the end it will be worst. Don't be surprised or think that the world will get better, Jesus will come again and we will need Him to because this world will not last for much longer going down this same path.

Anonymous said...

Nice review of the month of July. Never to be back again is OK with me, as I am longing for the end of a hot summer. Keep on keeping on...