Saturday, July 23, 2005

Friends again!!

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It's been a love-hate relationship all the way...
ignoring the Americans during the Cold war...then the American's pampering of Pakistan..ah now it seems both the countries have had enough....
but there are things we should keep in mind...

1.Pakisthan, even though being ruled by an illegitimate govt(military dictatorship cant be legitimate or democratic) is being given most favoured nation status as a non-NATO ally which brings it in par with Israel which is disturbing...given the fact that they have been supporting terrorists who infiltrate into the Indian side of Kashmir.
2.The US keeps arming Pakisthan with sophiticated weapons systems and platforms including the F-16 and PC-3 Orion aircrafts...
3.And they(INDIA and USA) have decided to work together in multi-national peace keeping missions but it's not given clearly under the United nations..this should make compications for Mr.Singh once he is back in India because most Indians including yours truely sees the UN as the legitimate peace keeping authority.
There are brighter things too.... the good news is that the US has lifted sanctions against us imposed on the wake of the Pokran Nuclear tests..which could be benificial for the civilian use of Nuclear energy in India.Above all the US administration is a 'God fearing'one.(please dont take me for a zionist..I may have somethings in common with them but..)
Hope this turns out to be benificial for both the countries....
I got this online while American citizen's views of wht is going on between India and the US...
Admiral Quixote
I guess he is thinking the same way as I do for the most part..

and now to some movies and history...this is the poster of the movie that isnt released yet "Mangal Pandey" It is about India's first war of Independence (also know as Sepoy mutiny to the British)...

Mangal Pandey
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so that is it too long...should be getting back to my books
got to read a lot for exams..pray for me please...and hey one more thing
I am not a Pakisthan hater....I love the people of Pakisthan infact I believe that being an Indian makes all Pakisthani's my brothers...
God bless them
God bless us and the Americans too...

ah...and here are the results for a quiz a took on the net
do you think I am like

Caring soul
Your soul is caring.
Other people are your concern, even if you
don't know them. If you see a person trip you
worry is he is okay. You put your loved ones
first and you're very mature. When someones
sick you're nurturing and always try to help
family and friends when failure strikes them.
You can be called the motherly one, if you are
in a group of people, which doesn't have to be
bad. Love is something that's already in you
and you have a lot to give whether you believe
it or not. Your friends probably love you very
much and come to when they need help since
you're reliable. People can feel secure with
you and generally like you.

How is your soul?(pics)


Fursat said...

well..i am not a politics kinda person but its good that India is making its mark at the International Economy and there are bright chances of its growth.

All pakistanies arent bad...its good that u feel like tht towards them.

here wishing you a best of luck for ur exams...

God bless u !

silverine said...

The US always feared of the potential of India. And now that fear is getting confirmed with the added fear fo a resurgent China. This makes Pakistan a convenient ally to keep the power balance intact in the region. Which is why we can cry ourselves hoarse and yet get no sympathy from the US. The US nees Pakistan to be the thorn in India's side.

Anonymous said...

I think its really cool India and the US are making steps towards being allies.

Im not really aware of the situation with Pakistan though... were does India sit with Pakistan? and why (I'm interested... this could be a topic that comes up in other places, lol)

Good luck with your exams! I hope I'm not distracting you from studying.

I should have the Refuge post up by Monday morning... Maybe late Sunday night... it all dependss on how tired I am after the service. It will be a good one either way.

Michael Foster said...


I have been very busy with work, planning my upcoming school semester, and developing a my church plant plan.

I'm very into politics personally but because I going to be a pastor I very carefully about what I say publically. You will notice that I have never written on politics.

I will say that India and China should be the USA's focus when it comes to future allies but India looks to be where the most promise is since China's sweeping idealogical differences.


penny rae said...

I'm sad to say I don't know very much about it. I think it's sad that American History in our public schools teaches nothing about the politics or history of any non-european countries. We only learn about the major world wars or the American wars. I think that is sad because it leaves Americans to come up with their own conclusions about international relations, therefor judgemental and ignorant and unable to do anything to help. That's sad since we are the world's "superpower".
Well I hope there does become a real peace between India and US.
The thing I'm so happy about is that their is peace between YOU and ME.
It's great to be a christian isn't it. We can gladly call ourselves "peacemakers".

jasolus said...

i liked that bush -manmohan pic very much ...i am really a person who just love this relationship ........
i also got that mangal pandey pic its nice .thanx anyway...........

FaceSeekr said...

I do not have knowledge of much in world affairs, ever trying to focus on Kingdom info, but I do know this, Soon very Soon ALL nations will be judged as either Sheep Nations or Goat Nations. I do not know who will stand where. I can not look at the world as it stands now and see. The supreme History Book has already been written, (The Bible), and in it, there many fearfull things for people who do not line up with the GOD side of things. John the Baptist,(Jesus' cousin) got frustrated with Jesus, while he(John) was in Harrod's prison, because Jesus would not consentrate on the temporary politics. People of that time were looking for a Messiah(deliverer) who would make himself king, overthrough the oppressive UNGODLY Goverment, and set up the Kingdom of God, not a humble Servant who's MISION was to Save the World (the real World is the People in it.)Mat 11:5 / Luke 7:22

These are the best of times, and the worst of times, but one thing will ring true, when it is over God Wins.(Rev 22:12/21) Read the Book of Titus again my fellow Seekers, and look up our Redemtion Draws nigh. Luke 21:22/28

>|' ; '| said...

george w is a fox in a dumb bear's skin.

there must b valid reasons for the elevation of pak into higher echelons of the US ally nations...

only time will unfold the truth.

little Princess said...

hey, nice blog thomas.

Ruth said...

I find it very interesting that you see the U.N. as "the legitimate peacekeeping authority". From what happend after 9/11 I tend to see the U.N. as a legitimate group, yet one that is not necessary to world peace. Also, I think that it is difficult to get action from this group of nations because they all have such differing views and one negative vote from a member of the coucil and action can't be taken (with approval), although the U.S. took action without approval. What do you think about this?

crossblade said...

I do agree that the UN system has it's defects,but I do not agree that one should go to war if there is a far away prospect of danger.Yes the 9/11 disater was an attack on the civilised world and I do condemn such acts are mere cowardice of the weak.
I believe war is to be fought to prevent immediate danger and not to pre-empt danger.
All this does not mean that I'm against Geroge W Bush.I love him in Christ as a brother in the Lord.
Yes the US administration must have started thinking that the UN is getting defunct.Then why is the US administration against allowing India, Brasil, S Africa and Germany (the G 4) from becomming permant memebers in the Securtity council????
This clearly shows that the UN is still something important as far as the US administration is concerned
Ruth all these are my personal views..mabbe I'm wrong
God bless

Princess of Mirkwood said...

Thanks for the awesome post! God bless you!