Tuesday, December 19, 2006


guys from my class
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I miss my college..... I miss the wonderful frens I had there... I miss the care free evening strolls...I miss the boys and girls who stood by me... I miss the football field... I miss the bakery... I miss the hostel... I miss the prayer cell.. I miss the corporate worship... I miss ma classroom..... I miss the birthday bashes.... I miss the fights... I miss those exams..... I miss everything.........

life is soo short.... nothing lasts for long.... it just slips us even before we finish enjoying it.........

I just want to make every minute of my life.... every single second!!!
even these days of CHICKEN POX hehe.......

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ruth tagged me....

I'm doing this for dear Ruth , who by the way is a gifted writer.

Yes, I was tagged :)Here are 25 things I want to do before I die. They are not necessarily in order of importance, just as I think of them...

1. fall in love with the beautiful godly girl, He has prepared for me.
2. Marry the beautiful godly girl, prepared for me.
3. Have children 3 boys and one girl.....
4. Win my nation for the Lord.
5. Watch my sons grow up to be Strong Men and my daughter into a Graceful Woman.
6. Bring up my children in the ways of the Lord.
7. To be loved and love the beautiful,godly girl God gives me.
8. Swim across the river Ganges.
9. Sky Dive & Bungee Jump
10. Scuba Dive

11. take 50 pullups in one go.
12. Join the Indian Foreign Service
13. Buy my parents a Ford before I'm 30 and dismantle the Fiat!!!!
14. Own some farmland by the time I'm 40.
15. Play the guitar and sing 'God is love; all the time' in front of all (1700 families) my church memebers...
16. Be able to say "as for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord'.
17. To be able to "freely give/share, that which I freely recieved"
18. To be in touch with my friends at 60 as much as I am with them at 24.
19. See my sister get married.
20. To learn to write Tamil and speak, read and write French.
21. Author my own anthology of Poems.
22. Visit Israel
23. Visit Shimla, Kashmir, Calcutta, Assam and atleast one European country.
24. Visit the Starners and the Wests atleast once, and my other blog buddies, Nunzia, Jamie, Damien.......
25. Be contented with what I have.

I'm tagging Queenmum

Monday, July 24, 2006

Backslider's Anthem....

I wrote this for Radiantz....they're still working on the music..

Friday, June 23, 2006

Quality never goes out of style

I'm being bombarded on all sides on the importance of quality and what process quality is (at work, well even in college I did learn a lot about this) and blah blah blah....

and I've been thinking of of this... is it always true...doesnt it depend on the how we define quality??
and doesnt it sometimes become a necessary evil?
hindering creativity..if there is any....

It is imporant..... but to what extend??
does it really go out of style?

confused as usual..

Saturday, May 27, 2006

a testimony......

Last Tuesday(16th May) I wanted to go to church camp in Bangalore, a city in South India and I got ready...but my Dad said you don't go now.. your exams are approaching soon....your thesis work is not yet done.... you are not placed yet... God is a just God and He wants you to do things that are expected of you first..before you go out for Him...I was really bummed... I was little angry at my Dad too..but I took his advice half heatedly and stayed behind.... :)

and u know what ...out of the blue on Wednesday I got a call and email... saying that on Thursday 18th of May... I have a test and interview at US Technology Resources http://www.ustri.com/ (the biggest .... software company in kerala,my state) it was for Software Quality Assurance Engineer.
The interview was on the 18th and God gave me the job... isn't it wonderful how God works... If I had gone to Bangalore..I would not even have known of interview..cause I never check my mails while on travel...and I was planning not to take my cellphone...so I can be safe and free.. :)
I got the job on the eve of my birthday...it was God's birthday gift to me

God is so awesome..the job pays well... and is a good place to start a career..as the company has a real good corporate culture...

And for the first round of the selection process we had to do some English vocabulary and language correction and comprehension stuff..... and it was mostly complex...but God had made a provision by training me for that the previous day... my friend is in Australia doing his MS.... he wanted another girl a friend of us to help him work on his assignment..I mean..correct the grammatical errors....and she asked me to do it since she was tired and ill and not feeling well.....you know the practice I got, did help me in the test at the company...Isn't God awesome...HE knows what I need to improve and he gives me practice lessons.... And he used people in differnt parts of the world to do that for me.

sorie for the typos and grammar.... :)

God is blessing me Abundantly..I just cant keep quiet about it anymore....
I'll be joining on June 15th..do keep me in your prayers blog buddies

Saturday, April 08, 2006

this is a picture a sweet friend of mine Carthi drew....
well here's whats going on in my mind right now...

"I fear complacency, it's a luxuary I don't think I can afford!!! "

Well..I guess that's all for now..and I know, all my blog buddies would understand what I meant.... Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 17, 2006


I recently recieved a forward, and it was about what little children thought about LOVE.....
Here is the one that touched me the most!!!

"Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day."
Mary Ann - age 4

There were more in the fwd, if any of my readers want it just leave me a message would be happy to pass it!!!!

Well, I dont know why it made me think this much..mabbe cause I own a dog and leave it alone all day, but by the end of the day it does cheer my up..... Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 03, 2006

meandering thougths........

well...thats a picture with a message a dear friend of mine, Feni sent me....it says

There is no oil, if Olives are not squeezed
No wine, if grapes are not pressed
No perfume, if flowers are not crushed
Have u felt any pressure in life today?
Don't Worry
God is just bringing out the best in you!!
Isnt that amazing!!! thanks Feni, for the wonderful thought!!!
I'm missing my friends...some have gone abroad, some are planning to do so....
well.....that's life!!!!!!
So Renju got married last week....I posted some pics of the wedding on my Photo blog..the link is on the right panel...

Sunday, February 05, 2006


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
Phillippians 4:13

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Friday, January 27, 2006


well, Neetie tagged me for this. I may break one of Neetie's tag rules..but I'm gonna do this anyway :)
so here it goes...............
8 Things I want in my perfect lover( life partner)

Sex of the partner == Female
1. Should be a born-again Christian and God-fearing, even more than I am and be an ardent student of the Bible.
2. Should be able to find the balance between the modern way of life and typical Indian values.
3. Should be able to understand me, and love and respect me and my decesions and feelings regardless of what I am. ( I make my point again- respecting is one thing ;obeying is another :) )
4.Should be a non-vegetarian, and should cook and should be willing to learn to cook (of course, I'd help her in the kitchen) .
5. Should treat my parents as her own, I'd promise her to do the same to her parents and live up to it.
6. Should be educated enough to teach our children and should be a working. Doesnt matter if she's engineer or not, but should work, not for the money but the self-respect and esteem it would give her.
7. Should be a mallu and speak atleast as much malayalam as I do.
8. Would be wonderful if she's intersted in music and is a little athletic.
9. She can be related to me, but not through my Dad's family.
10.Should be fun-loving.. I mean the type of person I am.
11. well...She should look pretty. I dont want to lie and tell you that looks dont matter to me :)
12. Should be open to my career decesions, but should always trust n believe me in that she comes b4 that to me.

well there's lot more to add in this..guess I'd keep updating this...well anyway I'm still not sure ..he he ..to tell you people the truth I had a list written, but I threw it off..cause I was pretty much confused for one thing and then..I know.... God knows whts best for us..so why build our own castles..its all goin to be beautiful for those who love the Lord....any doubt anyone???

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Defining a crush!!!

  • well....let me start
    What is a crush???
    I asked myself this question for a long long time...contemplated on it for long ...... mabbe all my teens and now into my youth..but the best I came out with is
    "A crush is the feeling you get at a good looking girl when u meet her for the first second or mabbe the 10th time"
    then again I googled 'crush' and this is what I came up with "A usually temporary infactuation"

    Where does this happen??
    It can happen anywhere, anytime...a bus-stop , a classroom , church , the mall anywhere and I mean it!!!

    How can this happen??
    well that depends....but I jotted down some points, that crossed my mind...
    1. You see a girl for the first time and feels she's the one..out of the blue!!!
    2. A girl smiles and stares at you...somebody who you've know(like you who she is..the daugher of so and so.sister of so and so..) for long..but havent really talked to.
    3. Your friends keep telling you she's the one for you(teasing..)
    4. You bumb into someone and then ur eyes gets locked...

    When can u get this??
    Teens pre-teens, early 20's...but apparently even when u are 23!!!!

    What can you do about it?? How to get over it??
    1. Give it to the Lord in prayer....if its HIS will let it be done
    2. Keep out of the her way... and try to fix priorities!!!
    3. Tell your well meaning friends to pray about it!!!

    And hey!!! if she's the one!!!! God will bring her to you..whatever happens...

    So dear bloggers...by now you'd have understood my new trouble...cool follow the italics and you willl :) ha ha
    being Thomas isnt all that easy!!! lol
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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I wish my backyard looked the same!!!!

beatutiful!!!! that's all I can say.... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 01, 2006