Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I recently read an article in a leading business weekly which said: ' Americans thought that their jobs were being 'Bangalooreeed' '.

I was in bangalore last weekend... and yea it was fun to meet my friends who work there in the software industry (most of them) . Life is not all that bright in bangalore , and it was a time to reflect on the age old Maxim ' All that glitters is not gold' . The hype about bangalore is about the wealth and the unending possibilities of building up promising careers. Yea true..but what do u gain ? a question I wanted to ask myself again and again and again!!!

People may call it the new world order....On one side I see material prosperity ; On another abject poverty ; On one I see the colours of love ; on another the labyrinth of moral nothingness !!!!

It must be my socialist inclinations...but is the wealth we make distributed equally.... Yes opportunites are equal but we should check again....
"If at 20, you are not a socialist, you are heartless. But at 40, if you are a socialist, you are headless."
- Adi Godrej

So if I'm too much forgive me ...its probably my age !

The garden city is now dusty city. I did not find even one person who dint say it wasnt dusty, most people have cough and chest infections year round. As I see it, its all on managing the money we make and putting it in infrastructure and regulating it responsibly ; which is the only way to keep the city as Garden City.

So much for being bangaloored !!!!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

He who fashioned this.....

The other day, a friend of mine had this on as her msn status "Do I dare disturb the universe ?".
This pic was taken at Shangumugham beach in Trivandrum soon after sunset..look at the vastness of the skies..and the colours of the evening ..What is man compared to that???
I would make my own status "Do I dare go against the rules the Creator of the universe put forth?"