Friday, September 09, 2005

The Generation Gap!!!

yea!!!! today morning I had a good long chat with my Dad...He wanted me to go with him to supervise the maintence work of the apartments he owns and has given for rent..

This made me think a level further.I was thinking how different I was from my Grandpa or my appa. My grandpa came from our village and settled in this big a bureaucartic job and was happy with it..He saved every penny he earned and made a fortune by( middle class Indian standards for my father and his siblings) he built houses and gave them for rent..purchased property in prime locations...

My appa too did a little of that He built two houses bougth some appartments and we still live in my mother's modest ancestral property.He doesnt spent as much as me or my sis does..I must say even on is my mom..

But look at me!! I dont have a single penny from my job as savings and I love a carefree life and live on an allowance from my parents at their home..and even when I get a job I dont think...I'll live the way they did..I love them ..I know they do love me soo much back too..mabbe even more than I do love them....

I think its the consumerist mentatily of my generation that need to be curbed to an extend ..but not too much though..I think I need to know and keep the limits..

I thank God for blessing my family sooo very much and I should say I better start living a life thinking of the grace showerd by God on us...I pray HE gives me a wonderful life

God bless all you dear bloggers too