Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No Doubt

His eye is on the sparrow
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Its been 9 days since I posted a blog
some sweet 'n sour things happened to me..
I was down with fever for a few days
I got my first sem results and I lost a paper though God helped me to clear all the 7 outta 8..the paper I lost I've sent for revaluation and Scrutiny GOD willing will
clear that too...
I was sitting at home one day and was kinda down
it was then my good fren Einstein gave me this CD by petra
No Doubt..the lyrics touched and healed me
Praise God..the video is available free at their site
the link is here
No Doubt video
you could also get more wonderful audio and videos of their songs
and their awesome testimonies
here John Schlitt
this actually is the homepage of the lead singer
the lyrics are here
There are times when you feel like you can't go on
There are times when you feel like giving in
And there are times when you feel like you can't try anymore
There are times of trouble in believing
This test of your faith will last
As long as it takes to pass
Till you have no more doubt you'll endure
And your faith will emerge true and pure


No doubt it'll be alright
With God it'll work together for good
No doubt in the end it will be understood
No doubt it'll all work out
With faith He can move any mountain for us
No doubt in the power of Jesus
And after all is done we find out
All we really need to have is no doubt

There's a time to take a reckless leap of faith
There's a time to be cautious and to wait
And there's a way of learning from the past
That this time of trouble won't last
And sometimes we want to think we know
The ways He will choose to make us grow
But it's never the way of our choosing
And we can't always see what He's using


There will be winters in the seasons of our soul
With a cold and bitter wind that chills our lives
But our faith can be building a fire
That will warm us till springtime arrives

Mathew 10
I was comforted much by these verses Mathew 10:29-31
It talks about the tiny bird sparrow
It is just a negligble creature...something people would ignore inspite of their beauty...but God cares for it
the verse really touched me ...How much more will HE take care of me
so no matter wht ever happens dont forget that GOD is in control
I came across this site that has a bible study on the sparrow
Bible study on the Sparrow
I'm taking my second semester exams now
one over 7 more to go
got one the day after tomm..shud be reading something
God bless

Monday, June 20, 2005


Steven Curtis Chapman
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This is Steven Curtis Chapman a Christian artist with Christian values and ethics...
to know more on him visit
Steven Curtis Chapman

These are the lyrics to the song "Whatever" by SCC
I made a list wrote down from a to z
All the ways I thought that you could best use me
Told all my strengths and my abilities
I formed a plan it seemed to make good sense
I laid it out for you so sure you’d be convinced
I made my case presented my defense
But then I read the letter that you sent me
It said that all you really want from me is just

Whatever whatever you say
Whatever I will obey
Whatever lord have your way
’cause you are my God whatever

So strike a match set fire to the list
Of all my good intentions all my preconceived ideas
I want to do your will no matter what it is
Give me faith to follow where you lead me
Oh lord give me the courage and the strength to do

I am not my own
I am yours and yours alone
You have bought me with your blood
Lord to you and you alone do I belong
And so whatever
The song goes on to say that whatever our talents are
God chose us just by His grace and not by what we are
wht a statement of faith!!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Roy Carroll leaves Old Trafford

Roy Carroll
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Roy Carroll has been with Man United since 2001
but the Northern Ireland International could
contribute only by the end of 2002 03 season when
the No 1 keeper Fabian Barthez picked up an injury
Roy stepped up to complete the ten appearances needed for
the first Premiership medal of his career.
Roy's new contract with West Ham looks good for him...
Any way "One man's loss is another man's gain"
Good Luck Tim Howard...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Horn of the Wild Ox

the horn of the wild ox
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I was reading Psalm 92 in my malayalam (my mother tongue) BIBLE today and I came across this wonderful verse Psalm 92:10"You have exalted my horn [a] like that of a wild ox;fine oils have been poured upon me."

Look at that animal in the pic thats an Indian wild ox called as gaur...
and look at those horns they really are symbols of King David talks about how much God blesses the righteous before the evil ones..and thats great encouragement...this man David was truely a man after God's own enviable certificate indeed!!!

I had a doubt as the KJV showed the animal as "Unicorn"...
but all other version put it as "wild ox" even the malayalam Bible put it as
"kaattu potthu" which means wild ox ..... the malayalam Bible was translated in the early centuries from the original texts.

I always feel sad for the people of our land ....we heard the Word even before Europeans did ....we heard the good news earlier but still millions of our dear brothers havent heard it yet....

I am deviating from wht I wanted to people dont worry when evil people around you keep holding to him.....God has a better plan for you ..he will never let you down...and like the strong wild ox u'll be unbeatable..

Read the whole Psalm here Psalm 92

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Hobbit's Tale

My tall and giant
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shortest in the group is
the others are samuel and sadha(tallest)
I've always wanted to be tall...I've been in the first row in school
had to stand first during the school assembly and PT
but...God's grace never been bullied..mabbe cause all the bullies in school were my frens....ah that was me in school .....I wanted to be tall but never regretted being short except when I lost an air force commission due to my stupid thigh lenght...but again I knew God had something better for me...far better than being a figher pilot and again......
now I find most of the gud looking girls are tall lol...(just kidding)
little ones are cute too...
pray I find a beautiful little lady hopefully not a

God's own Country

backwaters tot the western border of my state Kerala
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This is for the queen of arts @ abbey u expressed interest in my state..
Kerala is the south western state in India it has the Arabian Sea to its west..the Eastern Ghats to the east and the Indian Ocean to its south..the language is malayalam and people are called malayalees(Indians first)

we have a great christian heritage with 35% of the present population being Christians....In AD 53 St.Thomas is said to have landed here and evangelised his first converts......and so one can find a lot of churches centuries old on our lands

the western side is totted with back water lakes along the shore which add colour to the beauty of my land...we have a population whose political awareness is quite high
and the literacy rate in our state is 100%
and our economy is sustained mostly by foreign money as a lot of our people work abroad in the west mostly in North America and in the middle east

we have a synagogue and a small jewish population as most of the
jews have left the shores of kerala for the land flowing with milk and honey

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Industrial tour to Bangalore
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we had a great time in bangalore ....
I did have a fun time when I met some old frens there and
to people who dont know where bangalore is its a city in India
and its known as the Silicon Valley of India...many s/w giants including
Microsoft,IBM,Google,HP,HCL,L&T all have operations here
I e

Six Pence none the richer

Six pence none the richer....a band I loved...
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this band is one of my fav christian bands...though they had some billboard hits
and MTV songs too they showed their character even when they did secular shows and music

here is an extact from their bio on the net
With each encounter, they patiently tell once more the story that Nash recounted in her appearance on Letterman in August, 1999.  Although Nash has never completely overcome her youthful nervousness on stage, she bravely walked over to a chair on the "Late Show" stage following her band's performance.
After asking where the band's name came from, Letterman teasingly interrupted Nash to ask if he could stop by her hotel room after the show.  Nash's blank silence stopped him cold, chastening him into an apology.  With that, she proceeded to finish her story.
"It comes from a book by C. S. Lewis...called Mere Christianity," she resumed.  "A little boy asks his father if he can get a sixpence - a very small amount of English currency - to go and get a gift for his father. The father gladly accepts the gift and he's really happy with it, but he also realizes that he's not any richer for the transaction..."
"He bought his own gift," Letterman responded.  "That's right," Nash continued. "C.S. Lewis was comparing that to his belief that God has given him, and us, the gifts that we possess, and to serve Him the way we should, we should do it humbly...realizing how we got the gifts in the first place."
"Well, that's beautiful," Letterman stammered, with uncharacteristic earnestness.  "If we could just keep that little sliver of enlightenment with us, things would be so much better..."
isnt that reassuring and isnt that wonderful....
God bless them

go to their homepage here
Six Pence none the richer

"Trust in the lord" is one of my fav songs of Spntr
and so is Kiss me

here are the words to Trust in the lord based on Proverbs 3 : 5-7

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Lean not on your own understanding
In all of your ways acknowledge Him
And He will make you paths straight
Don't worry about tomorrow
He's got it under control
Just trust in the Lord with all of your heart
And He will carry you through

Lord, sometimes it gets so tough
To keep my eyes on You
When thinks are going rough
But when I turn my eyes up to the sky
And I hear Your voice it says to me

So child do not be weary with the troubles
Of this world I have overcome

Friday, June 10, 2005 how my state looks like...beautiful and serene they call it God's own country
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This day 5 years ago my grand mother died..and I'm not wrong she was the most influencial woman rather person in my life....she mothered me all those years when my mother was working....Thank God for such a wonderful person as her....she was an exceptional person for her times...was a staff nurse educated in good english schools at a time when women were barely educated in my part of the world....was strong willed and loved by frieds and others....she was truly wonderful
Sometimes we dont understand why certain people are there in our lives but its only after a real long time that u understand....she always wanted me to be a wonderful person...and I hope I evolve to be one at least to my standards...

me personified

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Difference of Love

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my friend Riz sent this to me long time back
it picturises love and how people of different cultures react to this wonderful gift...
isnt it strange

Thursday, June 09, 2005

this dear my Church
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Christ the Solid Rock

Got this song today morning...cant stop listening to fact
even learnt to play it on the guitar...
its by 4Him
Check out the lyrics

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

On Christ, the solid Rock I stand,
All other ground is sinking sand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

When darkness veils His lovely face,
I rest on His unchanging grace.
In every high and stormy gale,
My anchor holds within the veil.

His oath, His covenant, His blood,
Support me in the whelming flood.
When all around my soul gives way,
He then is all my hope and stay.

When He shall come with trumpet sound,
Oh may I then in Him be found.
Dressed in His righteousness alone,
Faultless to stand before the throne.


Today morning during my QT I read about Daniel...and how faithful he was to God even when he was in King
Nebudcadnezzer's was wonderful to see how God blessed him with health and wisdom for clinging on to him

Lord help me to keep myself pure like Daniel did!!!
Read the first chapter of Daniel in the Bible here Daniel !{v}