Saturday, May 27, 2006

a testimony......

Last Tuesday(16th May) I wanted to go to church camp in Bangalore, a city in South India and I got ready...but my Dad said you don't go now.. your exams are approaching soon....your thesis work is not yet done.... you are not placed yet... God is a just God and He wants you to do things that are expected of you first..before you go out for Him...I was really bummed... I was little angry at my Dad too..but I took his advice half heatedly and stayed behind.... :)

and u know what ...out of the blue on Wednesday I got a call and email... saying that on Thursday 18th of May... I have a test and interview at US Technology Resources (the biggest .... software company in kerala,my state) it was for Software Quality Assurance Engineer.
The interview was on the 18th and God gave me the job... isn't it wonderful how God works... If I had gone to Bangalore..I would not even have known of interview..cause I never check my mails while on travel...and I was planning not to take my I can be safe and free.. :)
I got the job on the eve of my was God's birthday gift to me

God is so awesome..the job pays well... and is a good place to start a the company has a real good corporate culture...

And for the first round of the selection process we had to do some English vocabulary and language correction and comprehension stuff..... and it was mostly complex...but God had made a provision by training me for that the previous day... my friend is in Australia doing his MS.... he wanted another girl a friend of us to help him work on his assignment..I mean..correct the grammatical errors....and she asked me to do it since she was tired and ill and not feeling know the practice I got, did help me in the test at the company...Isn't God awesome...HE knows what I need to improve and he gives me practice lessons.... And he used people in differnt parts of the world to do that for me.

sorie for the typos and grammar.... :)

God is blessing me Abundantly..I just cant keep quiet about it anymore....
I'll be joining on June keep me in your prayers blog buddies