Sunday, January 13, 2008


It's not like me to sit at home on a Sunday morning.. 'bunking' church... but then today I felt I needed to be alone and be with my God rather than go to my church.

This post is on quite a subtle subject, I would like to let all my readers know that ; its just what my heart says and I don't intend to put down anybody!

Well.. what is a Church ? Isnt it a 'family' of believers... or a group of believers who live a family ? Arnt we the body of Christ ?

Saint Paul makes this clear in I Cor 12 .. An ardent follower of Christ would be moved to tears reading that passage.

What would happen if the different parts of our body play politics ?? Switching sides and playing dirty tricks on each other ??? How would it be if our stomach sides with the right limbs and the lungs with the left ??? Will we ever survive ? How would it be if the brain decides that its the 
most superior organ and decides to cut off 
and remove the other body parts ? Will it survive ??????

Arnt we fighting each other holding the same banner ? the banner of Christ ! ( if ever we are holding it .... or do we have our own banners ? )

I've been troubled in my heart for a couple of years or even more now... Must be from the time I
started to understand people. I love my church. The church where my parents brought me first
after I was born.. the church where I went to Sunday school... the church were I was born again... yeah I was born again at a traditional CSI (Anglican) church ! the church where I confessed my faith and became part of the body of Christ !

I'm deeply saddened when people, rather believers not walk the talk ... and use masks... and live double lives.. The games they play would put the shrewdest politician to shame !

All for power ? How insane ! How sad ! How Shameful ! What would become of our testimony as
followers of Christ ! 

How long will we be man pleasers and not God-pleasers ? How long will we use (abuse) church for personal gain ?
How long will we play power politics ?  Our God is someone who sees our hearts and not what we do in public. Inspite of all his infirmities God could see David's heart when He said " Here's a man after my own heart ! "

How long will we be hypocrites ? How long can we have our way and save ourselves from the wrath of God ! May God have mercy upon us and our brethren ! 

Hoping for a better day !


ren said...

need to talk to u

Sheeba said...

Good thought thomas...Even i have felt this so many times, but just shut up because they are so called servants of God. we can change all these only by our Prayers...on our knees...

albertdaniel said...

Machi Jus rewind the situation 6 months back we knew these things would happen, We wre instrumental in making this person come to power. Now it is happening, We should remain there and do our thing let us not join hands with this person in his ideas...Let us seperate ourselves from him...

Vinod said...

Keep your faith Thomas, for I am convinced God is in charge. We might sometimes br shaken and troubled but ultimatly our Mighty Lord will have the last smile. Be assured of our prayers for you and all young people who share your frustrations
Vinod atchan

steve said...

Brother, God is raising a remnant in unexpected places. Good to see a lot of dissatisfaction among the prebyterian youth. God is looking out for people who are after Purity and not power; for people who are Eternity minded and not prosperity minded; people whose punch word is Holiness and not happiness. I'm waiting to see the day when we'll walk out of the church hushed up welling with tears because we met God there.

Thinking-of-a-pen-name said...

Hii …ariyo?m ur cuz.nice to cya here..and even more nice to know more abt u thru it:)..u gotta gud blog here…and u r using it all for His glory too.cheers!Praisse God!:D

Lovely Almond said...

Heya.. Good blog brother.

Lenses said...

You know what a days..its like the devil preaches the bible. No soul only talk. I believe its so much better for us to pray truly to God by ourselves and not be affected by what is happening. I'm not proud of it but i go to church alone,and talk with my God by myself with no hypocrites dictating me what is right and wrong..

Lovely Almond said...

I've commented on this before.. although this one rings closer to me today..
I recently witnessed something that hurt my image of what I believed in as a church...I saw what you talked of, the people who call themselves passionate for God, and don't take care of their words and use it to hurt others..and then the ones who use sugar coated words behind their bitterness to do the same.
What do I do?? Act indifferent and lose the fellowship? That would be pretty good. The back of my mind tells me that it is Christ I live for not mere Men...:)