Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dress Code or DisComfort ???

Being presentable is one thing; and being a lil foolish is another.

Disclaimer : Dearest Boss, if you ever see this! I have no problem in dressing up as 'professional' as possible to work everyday !

As man evolved he started wearing clothes to protect him from the elements of weather, to keep himself safe at his workplace (hunter / warrior) and at some point as a mark of his status in society.

All this is true to the last word even today.. wearing a neck tie, full sleeved shirts (blue or white) perfectly polished shoes all perfectly answer all the above, even in a tropical country like mine; wearing a tie can be justified as we work in Air Conditioned environments ! Though its a discomfort, it ain't logically unwarranted !

A necktie at a client site or a meeting is totally understandable; but why on a sunny day? Well I guess if we forget the neckties we could save power keeping the air conditioning low or probably off ! Being clean and neat and making a neutral fashion statement is all facets of professional attire, but do we see the good we can do if we get over these !

Crazy, Confused, Conflicting thoughts..but someone would get something from this.. I hope !


Chriz said...

i can understand your situation. atleast we have loose dress code policies.. gud one man

Chriz said...

waiting for next post bud

Anonymous said...

Must be a USssociate (WHITE OR BLUE)