Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thank you Lord !!!

For them that honour me I will honour.--1 Samuel 2:30

The footballer in the pic is AC Milan midfielder Kaka won the Ballon d'Or award — the Golden Ball.

Kaka is also a favourite to be named world player of the year by FIFA, soccer's world governing body, when the award is announced later this month.

That is exactly how God honours those who honour and stand for Him in Public. So never be ashamed of being a Jesus Freak.


Queen Mum said...

That is so awesome. Have you seen the movie Bella? It truly is a beautiful movie. Miss you. Take care.

Sheeba said...

Very True, God honors him who honor HIM...i've seen it in my life...

Ruth said...

That is really cool!

Just thought I'd drop by and say hi. How are you doing?