Friday, February 29, 2008

Jewel in the Crown

Well....that's what I would like to call Delhi.... the capital of my country. 'twas my first visit Feb 19- 24 to Delhi, and definitely not my last ! So what did Delhi have to offer ?

This first picture is that of Qutab Minar . The minar complex is in Mehrauli South Delhi. Completed by several genarations of Sultans who ruled India. This stands as a testament to Indo- Islamic Architecture. The entire complex stands on what used to be Jain Temples. Jain figurines can still be seen

on certain stones on the minaret. Intricate carvings in Arabic make the minaret exotic and beautiful to look at. Allaudin another sul
tan, who ruled India wanted to make another minar that surpassed the glory of Quatab Minar. Unfortunately he died when the minar was being constucted and the work stopped. The complex also has a metalurgical marvel - The Ashoka Pillar. Built during the reign of the greatest king of the Mauryan Dynasty. Till date nobody has been able to find what this is made of . Delhi has a number of Forts, the Old Fort and the Red Fort are of prime importance and are seen as a symbol of the strength of the Mughal empire. The forts were used by different armies, the Indian Army continues to occupy a part of the forts, while the rest are open to visitors. The Fort was occupied by Sikhs, the British after the first war of Indian Independence and later by the Indian Army. In 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nerhru hoisted the Indian National flag over Red Fort on 15th August delcaring indepedence from the British.

The fort was built by Emperor Shah Jahan, and was the capital of the 7th Muslim city on Delhi soil. This is from where Emperor Shah Jahan used to give his public audiences. The fort also had Shah Jehan's Palace as well has palaces for his favourite wives.

Well.. there is a lot more in store.. will post em in the coming days !

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