Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Defining a crush!!!

  • well....let me start
    What is a crush???
    I asked myself this question for a long long time...contemplated on it for long ...... mabbe all my teens and now into my youth..but the best I came out with is
    "A crush is the feeling you get at a good looking girl when u meet her for the first second or mabbe the 10th time"
    then again I googled 'crush' and this is what I came up with "A usually temporary infactuation"

    Where does this happen??
    It can happen anywhere, anytime...a bus-stop , a classroom , church , the mall anywhere and I mean it!!!

    How can this happen??
    well that depends....but I jotted down some points, that crossed my mind...
    1. You see a girl for the first time and feels she's the one..out of the blue!!!
    2. A girl smiles and stares at you...somebody who you've know(like you who she is..the daugher of so and so.sister of so and so..) for long..but havent really talked to.
    3. Your friends keep telling you she's the one for you(teasing..)
    4. You bumb into someone and then ur eyes gets locked...

    When can u get this??
    Teens pre-teens, early 20's...but apparently even when u are 23!!!!

    What can you do about it?? How to get over it??
    1. Give it to the Lord in prayer....if its HIS will let it be done
    2. Keep out of the her way... and try to fix priorities!!!
    3. Tell your well meaning friends to pray about it!!!

    And hey!!! if she's the one!!!! God will bring her to you..whatever happens...

    So dear now you'd have understood my new follow the italics and you willl :) ha ha
    being Thomas isnt all that easy!!! lol
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Fursat said...

Thomas :)

you have gone mad..your italics show it :)

take care of yourself yaar...its not good :)

all things ll be good :)

dont think abt it :)

Kristi said...

That's a good way to start the New Year! Just don't get your little heart broken over it! =)

Queen Mum said...

Dear Thomas, sounds like you need a visit to the Love Doctor! Our friend is great (and very funny) at giving advice and talking to all our friends about their "love issues". Check her out at:

Aparna Menon said...

today i had a similar discussion with my colleague n she said the success to a long lasting relationship is that you should sporadically have a crush on the other person..

Even if u are married to this person, if u can feel a sort of temporarily but a high surge liking to this person every time he/she does something cute/nice...then the spark the kindles your romance is for ever

So i wud advise u not to mistake it as a teen, post teen syndrome...but just a play of hormones n at times mind...and you really dont have to try so hard to get over it..tis a wonderful feeling to have a crush on some one as long as u dont lsoe urself comepletely

Ricky2Thomas said...

Someone seemed "crushed"...LOL ;-)

Damian said...

Seem like you have a crush... Take care and all the best for the new year

Nunzia said...

very cute....

so... I've finally posted -- something NOT about movies LOL

thanks for getting me back on track!

Ruth said...

Do you know why it's called a "crush"? Guard your heart...having a crush can teach you a lot about yourself, just remember that God has a perfect plan for you.
Awwwww! Thomas has a crush! :)

Ruth said...

My dad always said very simply "It's called a crush because you usually get crushed"...hope that doesn't happen. I believe there is one crush in every one's life that ends the opposite way because you have finally found the right person :)

Queen of Arts and England said...

Wow, all I can say is: PRAY!
I'll be praying for you though, it's no small thing!

Anonymous said...

hi Thomas.tnx for coming.I wasn't able to read your message before since it was written in arabic.But anyways, how r u?Godbless u.

mafes said...

it's me on anonymous identity above.
Godbless u.

Anonymous said...

hey, please don't get into crush, Think about your family & God.

God Bless You......!

Anonymous said...

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