Friday, January 27, 2006


well, Neetie tagged me for this. I may break one of Neetie's tag rules..but I'm gonna do this anyway :)
so here it goes...............
8 Things I want in my perfect lover( life partner)

Sex of the partner == Female
1. Should be a born-again Christian and God-fearing, even more than I am and be an ardent student of the Bible.
2. Should be able to find the balance between the modern way of life and typical Indian values.
3. Should be able to understand me, and love and respect me and my decesions and feelings regardless of what I am. ( I make my point again- respecting is one thing ;obeying is another :) )
4.Should be a non-vegetarian, and should cook and should be willing to learn to cook (of course, I'd help her in the kitchen) .
5. Should treat my parents as her own, I'd promise her to do the same to her parents and live up to it.
6. Should be educated enough to teach our children and should be a working. Doesnt matter if she's engineer or not, but should work, not for the money but the self-respect and esteem it would give her.
7. Should be a mallu and speak atleast as much malayalam as I do.
8. Would be wonderful if she's intersted in music and is a little athletic.
9. She can be related to me, but not through my Dad's family.
10.Should be fun-loving.. I mean the type of person I am.
11. well...She should look pretty. I dont want to lie and tell you that looks dont matter to me :)
12. Should be open to my career decesions, but should always trust n believe me in that she comes b4 that to me.

well there's lot more to add in this..guess I'd keep updating this...well anyway I'm still not sure ..he he tell you people the truth I had a list written, but I threw it off..cause I was pretty much confused for one thing and then..I know.... God knows whts best for why build our own castles..its all goin to be beautiful for those who love the Lord....any doubt anyone???

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Fursat said...

so you have make the list and your list is too long crossing all limits :P

gal shud be non-veg..i hate this..

rest is nice..

u r nice human..will let her work..will respect her n her family..good..

i hope u find ur gal soon :)

Kristi said...

Good list! Now I have to ask, Does the girl you had a crush on in the previous post seem to fit these qualifications?

Anonymous said...

she can be related to you but not through your dad's side? What's with that?

Anonymous said...

she can be related to you but not through your dad's side, Why, what happened to dad's side?

crossblade said...

no idea why?
but I guess I'm more like my moms side of the family...
but I like my cousins on my Dads side more... :)
confused huh?? anonymous lol

Kate Suriyatip said...

I'll miss you on my xanga! *tear* I understand, though, that you need to do whatever you need to do. It's hard, but you have to sort out your priorities.

Love you my brother in Christ!

Chirikudukka said...
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Chirikudukka said...

Hey crossblade...
Ur expectaions of a life partner is typical of most Indian's an advice frm a lil sis.....always be ready to compromise with ur expectaions and treat ur girl as u want to be treated...hope u will find ur perfect soul mate soon...good luck.

Damian said...

Seems like you are moving away from the crush to searching for love! Take care.

Queen of Arts and England said...

Good list, and I have no dount in the Lord's power to bring it to pass!

tessie said...

Be content with what God's will. If it is God has someone out there for you Thomas, she will be the perfect one. One chosen by the hand of God. How exciting does that sound! You must be patient though!

tessie said...

Psalm 37

God bless...

penny lane said...

I so enjoyed reading that! I think it's important to know what you want in a future wife/'s also important to be open to what the Lord what's for your life and I believe you are seeking His Will... so that's great!
My friends and I make up "vain lists" all the time I've had mine for years...It's the same thing as you did except a little more detailed ... maybe some day I'll post mine...we'll see...

good post I enjoyed it:) God Bless!