Monday, June 20, 2005


Steven Curtis Chapman
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This is Steven Curtis Chapman a Christian artist with Christian values and ethics...
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Steven Curtis Chapman

These are the lyrics to the song "Whatever" by SCC
I made a list wrote down from a to z
All the ways I thought that you could best use me
Told all my strengths and my abilities
I formed a plan it seemed to make good sense
I laid it out for you so sure you’d be convinced
I made my case presented my defense
But then I read the letter that you sent me
It said that all you really want from me is just

Whatever whatever you say
Whatever I will obey
Whatever lord have your way
’cause you are my God whatever

So strike a match set fire to the list
Of all my good intentions all my preconceived ideas
I want to do your will no matter what it is
Give me faith to follow where you lead me
Oh lord give me the courage and the strength to do

I am not my own
I am yours and yours alone
You have bought me with your blood
Lord to you and you alone do I belong
And so whatever
The song goes on to say that whatever our talents are
God chose us just by His grace and not by what we are
wht a statement of faith!!!!!


Michael Foster said...

He is a good guy with a simple faith!

Princess of Mirkwood said...


Ruth said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes, I love Bebo Norman, and Stephen Curtis Chapman is also one of my favories. I had an opportunity to see him in concert last year and it was great. He was very real and personal and I felt more like I was having a conversation with him than at his concert. He even forgot the words to a verse of "Fingerprints of God", so while the band played he apologised and then picked it back up at the chorus. Anyway, his music is a good choice.

jasolus said...

Hello dear friend thanks for steven curtis chapman's songs you gave me .It is really awesome.
Now i am 1 of his fans. hee hee