Tuesday, June 14, 2005

God's own Country

backwaters tot the western border of my state Kerala
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This is for the queen of arts @ abbey road...as u expressed interest in my state..
Kerala is the south western state in India it has the Arabian Sea to its west..the Eastern Ghats to the east and the Indian Ocean to its south..the language is malayalam and people are called malayalees(Indians first)

we have a great christian heritage with 35% of the present population being Christians....In AD 53 St.Thomas is said to have landed here and evangelised his first converts......and so one can find a lot of churches centuries old on our lands

the western side is totted with back water lakes along the shore which add colour to the beauty of my land...we have a population whose political awareness is quite high
and the literacy rate in our state is 100%
and our economy is sustained mostly by foreign money as a lot of our people work abroad in the west mostly in North America and in the middle east

we have a synagogue and a small jewish population as most of the
jews have left the shores of kerala for the land flowing with milk and honey

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