Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mr. Fix it

Lately, I've been watching too much TV, and Agent Seely and Dr Brennen from the Sitcom Bones have proved interesting to me!

Last night, Agent Seely made an observation "It's me who fix things ; it makes me feel one with the universe."

It made me think loud; and yes even I feel its my prerogative to fix things being the man of the house; Where were wired this way by the maker,with an obsession to fix things; and a bloated, pride filled head once we fix things ?

I've owned a small tool kit from as long as I can remember; and honestly, among my friends I was the most mechanically/technically impaired when it came to fixing things? Even so, I did a lot of 'fixing' around the house, for my mom, for my sister, but I don't remember ever being asked by my Dad to 'fix'. Well, maybe, he did not need my help. Well, in any case, I've been taught a lot of 'fixing' by him, like how to change a broken roof tile, or remove a broken nail and hammer in a new one, de-husk a coconut,or do small repairs on the cycle or bike.

And ironically enough we bought a new kitchen rack at home yesterday; I fitted the whole thing and the "satisfaction" I got out of it made me think, maybe we men were wired by our Maker to work/mend/repair or fix.

Agent Seely, maybe you are right? It does make us feel fulfilling a purpose!


Leslie JS said...

i agree! :D go men!!

Jackie O'Brien said...

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